18kt yellow gold mixed gemstone necklace

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Light, chic and perfect for everyday wear: this necklace features a colorful mix of gemstones of graduating size, carefully selected for intensity and purity, framed in a 18kt yellow gold bezel setting. This piece of jewelry is finely hand-engraved using an ancient Florentine technique.


Lenght: adjustable from 42cm to 45,5cm

Yellow gold

Mix of amethyst, lemon citrin, peridot, yellow quartz, topaz, pink tourmaline

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Jaipur Colour

Inspired by the pink city in northern India, Lacollezione Jaipur Color combines the most exquisite craft skill with natural high quality gems, from the most extraordinary range of colors and from the typical Rosetta. It is a tribute to the radiant beauty of the precious stones intact their fabulous charge of lights and colors. The natural gems come Dajaipur, the capital of Rajasthan famous for its buildings of Quarzite Rosa.Aquit the process of cutting the stones was perfected during the course of the deisecles by specialized engravers, enabled in finding the ideal cut capable of enhancing the uniqueness to the maximum , the beauty and light of each stone.


Colorful gems

Nature with its organic forms and colored gems have always been a great source of inspiration for the designer: its creations intend to sublimate their extraordinary beauty, enhancing its colors in every nuance and highlighting the refinement of the cut in each facet.

The stones are chosen and combined with intensity and purity, they enhance each other in an infinite game of references, interspersed with small gold elements engraved by hand for an always unique, unrepeatable result, which adapts to every outfit and occasion.